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Tri-City Braves Await Signatures

Braves Mailed '51 Contracts
Contracts for the 1951 season were mailed to 11 of the Tri City Braves this morning. Dick Richards, general manager of the team said the list include six pitchers, three infielders one catcher, and one outfielder Included in ths morning's list were contracts to pichers Dick Stone, Jim Olsen, Cy Greenlaw, Joe Nicholas, Kenny Michelson and August Zande, who pitched in the Texas league last season where his season runs batted in average was .350.
Ohers receiving contracts are infielders Al Spaeter, Vic Buccola, and Artie Wilson. Wilson played third base briefly for the Braves last year before being farmed out to Las Vegas where he hit a .375 clip.
Catcher Nick Pesut was also sent a contract with 1951 terms offered.
Richards said the balance of the contracts would be mailed within the next few weeks.
-Tri-City Herald, Jan. 29, 1951

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [from Jan. 29/51]
The signing of Lou McCollum brings two Tri-City Braves within the 1951 fold. Although Clint Cameron hasn't signed it's pretty well understood that he has agreed to terms and will ink the papers when the team moves into Lindsay, Calif., April 1 to open spring-training. Clint now lives in Lindsay where he's working for an olive packing company. News from this front is apt to be spasmodic until the latter part of February. Contracts won't go out from the front office until about Feb. 15. And here's a tip. The announcement of one contract is going to surprise a lot of fans, the deal is still pending hence we can't say anything more at this date. . .but it's going to make a great combination.
* * *
“Wimpy” Quinn, one of the classiest first basemen in the WIL last year, (he was second only to our own Vic Buccola) has been signed to pilot Bakersfield in '51. He came up from there last year to play for Tacoma.
* * *
[Jan. 30, 1951]
It looks as though our Tri-City Braves are going to have a good pitching staff for 1951. Yesterday Kenny Michelson put his name on the dotted line and Saturday Lou McCoIlum joined up. Whatever [Mc]Collum got he's going to be worth every cent of it this season. He has a wealth of experience that is bought only with time. With all clubs faced with using heaven only knows who to round out their team, a man whose experience includes a stint in the major leagues, like McCollum, will be a tremendous asset.
Michelson picked up a lot of know-how last year vhen he toiled in the Far West league with Marysville. And then he had a turn around the WIL last year shortly before the season closed so he'll probably be more than ready to take his regular turn on the mound.
But unless Cy Greenlaw signs the Braves are going to be mighty short of left handers, which could present quite a problem. Particularly if they should run into a club with as many port side hitters as they themselves had last year. There's no reason at this time to think that Cy won't be willing to play again this year, but then you never can tell. And even if he does another solid lefty would always be worthwhile having.

Meriel Michelson, former little All-American football star while at Eastern Washington College of Education, will be on the receiving end with the Tri-City Braves. Michelson, rated as one of the best college baseball catchers has signed a
contract with the Braves and will report to their spring training camp in Lindsay, Calif., on April 1.
- Tri-City Herald, Feb. 1, 1950

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