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Pre-Season, April 10, 1951

WASCO, Calif., April 10 (Special) — Pitchers Cy Greenlaw and Dick Stone teamed up here Tuesday night with a pair of hurling performances that evened up the Tri-City Braves spring training campaign at 3-all. For the second time the Bakersfield Indians fell before the bats of the Braves, this time 5-4.
The Braves scored all their runs in the first and third frames, two of them in the initial stanza and the balance in the third. Bakersfield collected their four off the slants of Greenlaw, the winning pitcher.
Centerflelder Clint Cameron led the Tri City attack with a pair of singles to drive in two runs and Cameron accounted for another when he crossed the plate with the fifth and final run for the Braves. of the ninth. John Herman led off with a single. The Indians manager, Wimpy Quinn tried to slam the ball into right field to move Herman along but the Braves first baseman, Vic Buccola, grabbed Quinn's line shot for one out and then doubled Hermann at second.
Greenlaw gave up 10 hits in the five innings he worked the mound and Stone gave up but two. At that Bakersfield had a couple of breaks due to the still Inexperienced Brave outfield.
Twice they threatened on hits which normally would have gone for outs. Stone came up with a pair of beautiful stops when he snared two smashes at him in his gloved hand. Either would have been normally gone for singles.
Tri-City ........ 203 000 000—5 7 0
Bakers .......... 012 100 000—4 12 1
Greenlaw. Stone 5. and Pesut.

STOCKTON, April 10 — The Stockton Ports of the California league chalked up a 9 to 1 victory over the Salem Senators of the Western International league Tuesday night.

Cards Get Richlander
LINDSAY, Calif., April 10 (Special) — Harold Norris of Richland, rookie pitcher, was optioned to the St. Louis Cardinals training center at Fullerton, Calif, Tuesday. However, Norris is still the property of the Tri-City Braves and is being sent down to gain more experience.
Charlie Petersen, manager of ths Tri-City Braves, in making the announcement-said, "I want Norris to be able to take his regular turn on the mound and by dropping down a notch or two in league classification he'll get that chance."
Norris left Lindsay Tuesday afternoon and was due in Fullerton that night.

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [Apr. 11/51]
LINDSAY, CALIF. — The hottest prospect here in the Braves spring training camp is Harold Morris of Richland. The tall 17-year old right handed hurler is really popular with the players too. But they seldom refer to him by his name. Instead when his name does crop up in the conversation it's always "the kid." Which in a way is just a sign of how they feel about Norris.
Even the usually reticent Charlie Petersen is enthusiastic, and when Pete ladles out words of optimism it behooves one to listen. Of course chances are that Morris will not get much past this, his first year of baseball. Uncle Sam is also in the market for 18-year old able bodied men and "the kid" isn't too far from that age now. As far as pitching is concerned Morris' biggest problem is lack of experience. He comes to the "set" position very quickly, probably too fast, But he really kicks that leg high in the air when he delivers the ball. One year will do a lot to round out his style and form.
Those of you who remember Artie Wilson will be startled when you see him. Artie has put on a lot of weight, not the bulging kind either, but solid meat. He still hits the ball hard and his fielding has improved considerably. Last year Artie seemed to have trouble in getting rid of the ball. But now he gets it away as fast as any third baseman we've seen.
If it's possible to have two Nick Pesut's on the same club. . .then the Braves have done it. . .in this fellow Augie Zande. But be careful when you start asking questions. We had no more than sat down in the club house Saturday night when he threw out an apparently innocent statement. Biting hard we opened our big mouth and asked him "how." His answer had the players and your old neighbor rocking with laughter. . .it was "clean" too.
One reason Nick Pesut is so popular with the kids here is because of the malted milks he buys. Practically every kid who comes to the games stops by to bet Nick a malted milk against a pack of chewing tobacco he won't hit a home run. Of course as it always turns out Nick sets them up anyhow. It may be that we are going to have to apologize to the chamber of commerce here. Remembering the nights here last season we brought along a top coat, but so far the evenings have been no more than sport jacket weather. As a result the attendance is up quite a bit for the night games.
We were speaking of chewing tobacco a moment ago but the way Jim Olsen uses the stuff is the oddest yet. First he takes a good pinch of the stuff and then wraps two sticks of gum around it. "Keeps the tobacco together better," is what he claims. Rather than experiment we'll go along with him on that.
But that cyst on his back is bothering him quite a bit. Saturday night was the first time he was able to pull on a uniform. The thing just won't seem to clear up.
Nick Pesut is looking for a one-bedroom apartment in the Tri-City area, if you know of one just call Vern Johnson at Sanders Field, Kennewick 7711. . .Vic Buccola is another who will be looking for a place for his family. . .the players here are betting that Dick Faber won't report to Norfolk in the Piedmont league, it's too far away and the league definitely isn't liked by many who have been there.
Just call Bob Costello, "Cos" and he'll probably turn his head a lot quicker. . .this Little League baseball is a solid article here. Nearly 2,000 youngsters turned out in Fresno to battle for positions. . .the Lindsay chamber of commerce puts a fresh box of oranges in the club house every day. . .great big juicy ones too.
If you think the wind blows hard in the Tri-City area have Buddy Peterson tell you what it's like in Texas. . .by the way that "on" on the tag end of Buddy's name indicates Swedish origin, while the "en" in Manager Charlie Petersen's monicker indicates Danish. . .at least that's what they tell us.

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