Monday, September 10, 2007

Abel Able to Repeat Same Old Claim

New Attendance Mark Is Foreseen By Abel
TACOMA, March 30 (AP) — The Western International baseball league anticipates setting new attendance records this season, Robert Abel, league president, said today.
"With the new baseball park at Vancouver, B.C.," Abel said, "the circuit is almost certain to break the old attendance record."
The league has outdrawn all other Class B loops for the past two or three seasons, he declared.
"Generally, the league is in better shape than ever before. The only dark cloud on the horizon is the war and possible lack of manpower. No one can foresee the difficulties that might come along from this direction," Abel said.
"But the Western International is the best Class B league in the country and we will fare better than the other B loops because more of our men are older and are exempt from the draft."
Three new managers will make their debut when the season opens April 20. Dick Barrett, popular former Seattle Rainier hurler, will pilot Victoria; Bill Schuster, fiery shortstop and another ex-Rainier, will manage Vancouver, and Hugh Luby takes over at Salem.
Yakima will have a new pilot in Bill Brenner, who managed Vancouver last season.
Abel had no predictions as to likely pennant winner. "It's too early to tell," he said. "All the teams seem to be well balanced, and they have good hookups with clubs in faster leagues. The fans will see good baseall this season."
Of the eight teams in the league, five located spring training camps in California. Tri-City is at Lindsay, Salem at Napa, Tacoma at Wasco, Victoria at Santa Rosa and Yakima at Healdsburg.
Spokane is working out at Lewiston, Idaho, Vancouver at Penticton, B. C., and Wenatchee at Omak.

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