Monday, September 10, 2007

Spokane Ready For Spring

Strange Leads Spokane's WIL Entry to Training at Lewiston
SPOKANE, March 29 — The situation looked bright for Alan Strange, manager of the Spokane International league baseball team, as he left for spring training camp at Lewiston, Ida, Thursday.
Strange said 20 men have either signed or promised verbally to be on hand for the early workouts, compared with only 12 ready to go at this time last year.
Befere the weekend is over Strange said he expects to have at least 25 men in camp.
Ten members of last year's club are among those expected the first few days; Catchers Bill Weatherwax and Ed Nulty; pitchers Jim Holder, Dick Bishop, John Conant, Bob Roberts and Ward Rockey; outfielders Edo Vanni and Eddie Murphy and first baseman Jim Wert.
There is reason to hope that 1950 outfielder Glenn Stetter and pitcher Carroll Yerkes will show up before many days have passed, Strange said.
Newcomers include Wally Scott, a shortstop from Salem, Jimmy Brown, second baseman
signed from Stockton, Calif., and Kenny Richardson a third baseman who batted in 117 runs while playing for Spokane in 1949. Richardson played for Riverside, Calif., but year.
The Indians' first exhibition game is scheduled for next Tuesday against North Idaho college.
They will open their league schedule April 20 with a home game against the Victoria Athletics.
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24 Players In Indians Camp
SPOKANE, March 31 — Four more players showed up in the Spokane Indians spring training camp at Lewiston today, their manager, Alan Strange, said, bringing the total now in camp to 24. They include two newcomers — Jim Brown, a second baseman from Stockton, and Harry Hinz, a catcher who played with the Twilight league last year; also two men from the 1950 team, centerfielder Eddie Murphy of San Francisco and pitcher Ward Rockey.
Strange said he expects two more to come to the Indian fold over the weekend. Among those still expected are shortstop Wally Scott and pitchers Dick Bishop and Ed Nulty, all on last year's team.
"We have a better club and are much farther ahead now than we were at this time last year," was Strange's comment on the status of the club at this point.
The weather so far also has been favorable for training, he said.

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