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1951 Schedule Woes

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [Feb. 9, 1951]
That should be a stormy session when the WIL moguls gather to discuss a new schedule. According to Wenatchee they got an "impossible" deal. Maybe they did, but it's no more impossible than practically all the rest of the schedules the league has come up with throughout the past years. The one they had last year could have been improved quite a bit.
According to the Chiefs here's a few of their more bitter complaints. First they had 22 games at home during the month of May which included two series with Tacoma. Then under the schedule adopted at Portland they would not meet the Tigers again until late in the season. The only mystery about that is that the two teams were ever scheduled to meet again. Last season it was June 13 before the Braves met Spokane here, and it wasn't until June 23 that the Indian fans got a look at the Tri-City club.
The fact that Victoria is playing on a home-and-home basis is also going to figure heavily in Wenatchee's argument.
As you know the league has agreed that Victoria keeps all the gate in their own park and in return get no split while on the road. Wenatchee contends the Portland schedule has them at the A's park for 13 games, while our Braves are only there eight times. To quote the Chiefs' prexy, "That would mean we d not only not get any money at Victoria, like the other clubs, but we'd lose that revenue more times than any of the other teams."
According to Wenatchee, Yakima also slipped a joker into the new schedule. The Bears would play four series in the now Vancouver park, while the rest of the clubs would only make three appearances. The beef here is that Vancouver's new park is expected to pull quite a host of fans and the visiting clubs would stand to take home a little more than usual. Well, those are the big issues that will confront the WIL directors when they gather 'round the festive board. And it's a million to one shot that the schedule will not stand up when Art Pohlman of Wenatchee starts unlimbering that kind of artillery.
Changing the ownership of the Salem franchise in the WIL looks like a good thing for the league. Instead of rattling around the cellar as they did last year it appears now that the Senators are going to be a definite pennant contender. In the infield they'll have Hugh Luby, the Solons playing manager, at second base. George McDonald, a good stick man and another Vic Buccola around the bag will hold down first, while John Hack has the hot corner assignment.
Right now Salem is trying to strengthen their mound staff by signing Bill Bevens. Bevens, you may recall, was robbed of a no-hitter while pitching for the Yankees in the 1947 World Series. And although he gave up only one blow, Brooklyn won. Had Bevens got by one time he'd have become the first pitcher to hurl a World Scries no-hitter. Last year he worked the Coast league for the San Diego club.
Via Victoria we hear that Vancouver is going to hold their spring training session in Penticton, Canada again this year . . . making them of the few clubs that won't be in California.
Other notes culled from the WIL circuit show that Tacoma is going to opon their season with an afternoon-night doubleheader. Thus, instead of a Friday opening, the Tigers will get away from the barrier on Saturday fit 2:30 p.m. come April 21. Portland, of the Coast league, has been doing this for several years now. (it takes two tickets to see the two games.)

Revamped '51 Schedule for WIL Is Issued
SEATTLE, Feb. 12 — A revamped 1951 schedule, differing from the pattern followed in previous baseball seasons, has been adopted by directors of the Western International league
The campaign will be of standard length, opening April 20 and closing September 4 with a Shaughnessy playoff to follow, but the split week setup will be different.
President Robert Abel said the principle change will be in series at Vancouver and Victoria instead of the old system where home stands by the two British Columbia clubs were either Monday through Wednesday or Thursday through Saturday, stateside teams will have frequent Friday-Saturday-Monday stopovers there this year. Sunday baseball is banned north of the border.
The schedule, approved by directors Sunday, has these early pairings:
April 20—Tri-City at Salem, Vancouver at Wenatchee, and Victoria at Spokane. Yakima will open at Tacoma with a split double bill April 21.
April 24 through 26—Victoria at Salem, Wenatchee at Yakima, Tacoma at Tri-City and Vancouver at Spokane.
April 27 through 29—Tacoma at Salem, Spokane at Wenatchee, Vancouver at Yakima and Victoria at Tri-City, with doubleheaders on the final day.
April 30 through May 2—Salem at Vancouver and Spokane at Victoria.
May 1 through 3—Wenatchee at Tacoma and Yakima at Tri-City.
Abel said the Vancouver inaugural was later than usual because of work still under way on a new park.

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