Sunday, September 9, 2007

More Off-Season Player Deals

Tacoma Signs Infielder
TACOMA, Wash., Jan 4. (UP)— The Tacoma Tigers of the Western International baseball league announced today they had purchased Bill Moore, second baseman from Spartanburg, S. C.'s class 'D' team.

Spokane Signs Ex-Salem Hurler
SPOKANE, Jan. 4 — Ray McNulty, a righthander pitcher who won seven and lost nine for Salem last season, was signed by Spokane of the Western International league Thursday.
Manager Alan Strange said the draft-exempt veteran was one of three players assigned to Spokane in the deal which sent catcher Joe Rossi to the Portland Pacific Coast league club. The others are pitcher Ken Wyatt and shortstop Wally Scott.

Rainiers Lose Men to Military Draft
SEATTLE, Jan. 8—The Seattle Rainiers' head office said Monday night the Pacific Coast league baseball club has suffered its first draft losses.
Charles Davis, prize rookie shortstop, and Bill Nadeau, young pitcher, both have been called for military service. Davis was optioned last season to Spokane of the Western International league but was due to be recalled by Seattle next spring. Nadeau was signed last fall after a top-notch year in the Southern California lower leagues.

Victoria Buys Fielder
VICTORIA, B.C., Jan. 14 — Business manager Reg Patterson of the Victoria Athletics today announced the purchase of outfielder Bill White from Shreveport of the Texas league. The price was not disclosed. White played for the A's in 1947.

Caps Sign Spina
When baseball, along with football, folded at St. Mary's, Charley Spina of Reno was able to make a good deal in entering organized baseball. He picks up a $1500 bonus and enters play at the "B" level for Vancouver — which is why this deal was picked over one offered by the Phillies, which would have involved play at Klamath Falls — but first, and that may be a considerable hitch in the proceedings, he enters the navy.
—Reno Evening Gazette, Jan. 15, 1950

Wanted: Infielders
SPOKANE, Jan. 15 — The Seattle Rainiers have manpower troubles of their own and can't help the Spokane baseball club solve its infield problem. Manager Alan Strange of the Western International league Indians said Monday he asked Seattle for a second and third baseman but was told the Rainiers have been hit hard by the military draft and have nothing to spare. He conferred with Seattle officials over the weekend.

Vancouver Loses Pitcher
SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 23 (UP) — The Seattle Rainier business office said today it had learned that right-handed pitcher Richard Alavari, optioned last year to the Vancouver Capilanos of the Western International Baseball league had been accepted by the air force.

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