Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pre-Season, April 12, 1951

LEWISTON, April 12 — Spokane of the Western International league pushed across two runs in the seventh inning, then tightened its defense to beat Northern Idaho College of Education, 10-9 in a baseball game here Thursday.

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [from Apr. 13/51]
LINDSAY, Calif. (Special) When Clint Cameron signed his contract the other day it helped to lift the big cloud that's been hanging over the Tri-City Braves outfield. Now Charlie Petersen has at least one well experienced outer gardener, and Dick Richards is keeping the wires hot looking for more. Thus far none of the deals which are cooking on the fire have jelled. . .but there's hope. Cameron signed his contract while sitting in the bleachers of the Olive Bowl, incidentally.
As usual nothing was said about terms but adding two and two together It's fairly obvious that Cameron got a boost over last year's paycheck.
The tipoff comes when you remember that he had agreed to terms, or so we were told, at the end of last season. However, when he was handed the blue four-page document for his signature he promptly handed it back to the club until Monday, But regardless of the terms Cameron looks like he's going to have a great year. His hitting has all of his old time power and the heel which bothered him off and on last season is now completely healed.
Bunting, which is today almost a lost, art in baseball, was brought to the attention of the team when Manager Charlie Petersen put them through an hour long drill. Failure to rlump the ball properly cost the Braves more than one game last year, a fact which Peterson apparently isn't forgetting. While today's bunting session wasn't brilliant it wasn't bad either. But It left the door open enough to indicate that more time on the same subject will be on the training list of "do's."
But baseball isn't the only topic of conversation in Lindsay these days. Oil has been struck right outside of the city and the local citizens are more concerned at the moment about the black gold. Even so though, the attendance at the games here Is much higher this year than it was last. Of course the warmer evenings probably account for part of it.
Buddy Peterson definitely won't be back in the lineup until Friday at least. That was the order passed down by Manager Petersen. The shortstop, instead of working out, is spending a lot of time on the training table with hot packs trying to pull the charlie horse out of his right leg.

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