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Pre-Season, April 11, 1951

NAPA, Calif.—Pioneer league Salt Lake City Bees defeated the Salem Senators in an exhibition baseball game Wednesday night 9-8 on a single, a wild throw and a stolen base.
With Salem leading in the ninth 8-6 and two Bees on, Salt Lake third baseman Gordy Hernandez drove a sizzlcr down the third base line. Salem third baseman Ken Jensen made a wild throw that allowed two runs and Hernandez to advance to third. Hernandez stole home with the winning run.

PULLMAN, Wash., April 11—Rod Keogh's control trouble helped the Spokane Indians of the Western International league carve out an 8 to 5 baseball win over Washing ton State college Wednesday.
The WSC hurler gave passes to nine Indians. Six of those walked by Keogh later scored, two on home runs by Ed Murphy and Bob Roberts.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., April 11 (U.P)—Tacoma of the Western International League piled up four runs in the first inning tonight and coasted to an 8 to 6 exhibition baseball victory over Bakersfield of the California League.
It was the seventh straight exhibition triumph for the Washington club.

LINDSAY, Calif., April 11 (Special to the Herald) — A ballgame which should have ended 2-1 in favor of the Tri-City Braves here Wednesday night. Instead finished up in 11 innings with the Braves losing 4-2. Again it was the same old sad story of a misjudged fly ball into right field. While it wasn't a hip pocket catch, still it wasn't too difficult. The three baser off the bat of Don George gave the Fresno State college nine their 15th victory in 16 starts.
But the Collegians were no puzzle to the Braves veteran right handed pitcher, Lou McCollum who entered the first six Innings. For the first five innings McCollum retired the Bulldogs in one two three order, par for the course. A double play started by Buddy Peterson, back at shortstop, in the first inning helped. The lanky righthander was touched for a run in the sixth, Fanny Oneto led off with a triple and scored following an amazing catch by Vic Buccola deep down the rightfleld line Buccola taking the ball going way, stumbled, but held the ball, and Oneto scored after the catch.
CLINT Cameron had the game won for the Braves when his first inning triple scored Buccola who had walked. Wilson, following Cameron also drew a free pass and then Wilson and Cameron engineered a double steal. That was the game or should have been until the unfortunate ninth inning. Cameron along with Buccola took fielding honors for the night. Cameron's catch was a sweeping back handed one swept the ball off the grass top while he was on the dead run deep in centerfield.
Sidearmer Joe Nicholas took over the Tri-City hill at the start of the seventh and almost got into trouble right away. A single, a sacrifice, and then a walk put baserunners on first and second. However, Nicholas got the next two batters in infield ground balls. He stuck around until the top of the 11th giving up the aforementioned “run” along with five hits.
Kenny Michelson, who took over the last frame was charged with the unnecessary defeat. The first batter to face Michelson singled and moved into scoring position on a sacrifice. The next batter walked placing men on first and second. Fresno's Don George then lined a single to right driving in the winning run. However, an error on George's single moved the next runner to third.
BOB Donkersley hit a roller to Artie Wilson at third who scored up the ball and fired to Nick Pesut covering the plate. The baserunner made a casual pass at the plate and wonder of wonders was called safe, while the fans howled.
Cameron opened the last of the 11th with a double into centerfield but died there when Wilson grounded out and Pesut and Michelson were whiffed.
Fresno .... 000 001 001 02—4 9 1
T-C ......... 200 000 000 00—2 5 1
Bishop, Clevinger 4, Abbot 6 Barnett 8 and Bricker. McCollum, Nicholas 7, Michelson 11 and Pesut.

Stetter Is Still Spokane Holdout
SPOKANE, April 11 — Glen Stetter notified the Spokane Indians of the Western International league Wednesday night he'd rather farm than play baseball for the Indians because he “cannot afford to play for what they (the Indians) offer.”
The hard-hitting outfielder who led the league in batting last year said he would remain on his farm near Salem, Ore., despite the promise of a salary Indian owner Roy Hotchkiss said was “as high as we can go in this league.”

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [April 12/51]
Don't be surprised if you find the “old man” himself playing the outfield. As of this moment it looks like a pretty good bet that Charlie Peterson may have to take over one of the pastures. And Tuesday Pete spent a solid hour with Mike Michelson out in left field explaining the finer points of handling ground and fly balls out there. Of course that doesn't mean that either Michelson or Pete would make a full time job of it.
But the one big deal Dick Richards was trying to swing fell through and the Cardinals as yet haven't offered anything in the way of a body. They have, said Richards, again promised to fill the gap though.
Most of Tuesday's morning session was again spent in bunting. . .and those hours under the hot sun are beginning to pay dividends. The Braves should be much better in, that department this season than they were last.
Pitchers actually use a smaller variety of pitches than most people think they do. Sam Castro, for instance, will go the full nine with a curve and fast ball if that's all he needs. “Of course when a good hitter comes up I show him a knuckler, and a change up also just to let him know I have them so he can't get set.” There isn't any special way to throw that knuckler. Each pitcher uses a different method. One might use one knuckle and one fingernail on the ball, which the other will use three fingernails, gripping the ball only with the thumb and the fourth finger.
There isn't an extra player down here now. With Buddy Petersen still nursing a pulled muscle in his leg, Claude Buckley is out with a swollen hand, and Frank Rossetti has been released as a free agent. Consequently everyone else in uniform, aside from the pitchers has a place in the lineup. Manager Peterson even finally got to pinch-hit. He almost made it on Sunday when he got as far as the plate and looked at one pitch, but then Nick Pesut was trapped off first base-and that ended the inning. However, Monday night Pete went all the way and rifled a ball over second base, but it was caught on the grass top by the Fresno centerfielder.
One of the finest plays of the year so far here occurred in the Monday night Fresno game. Mike Michelson rapped a liner just over the second baseman's head. But he knocked the ball down with his gloved hand by jumping high into the air. Then as he fell he caught the ball with his bare hand rolling over in the outfield. If Mike had gone after the guy with his bat it would have been justified. . .that's how big a robbery it was.
Artie Wilson, who had a lot of trouble last year grabbing those swinging bunts down the third base line, is pegging them on the line now. Wilson's change over from “just an infielder” to a good one is certainly amazing. That year in the Sunset league did a lot for him. He hit .356 there last season and his batting eye is sharper. One other thing the fellows are glad to learn about Wilson is that he now knows how to play the guitar. . .can sing too.
Last year when Wilson was teaching himself how, some of his roomies took to loosening the strings up every time he put it down so that it would have to be retuned again. . .thus taking him longer before he started pecking away. The only thing lacking here is a solid quartet to back him up.
Neil Bryant, who is still “Gabby” to the team because he says so little is trying to hang the monicker of “Shoes” on Al Spaeter. . .so far it hasn't taken though. . .If the two Michelsons and the two Petersens ever get into a game at the same time you can shed a few tears for the sportscasters. . .the fans will think they're hearing double talk.
Silent Cy Greenlaw has found a couple of pinochle players in Bob Costello and Bryant. . .Cy's trouble so far though is that the johnny-come-latelys are too consistent winners. . .they say Joe "Bullet" Orrell, who was with the club last year, make may hook up with Tiajuana in a twice a week league.

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