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Sunday, May 13, 1951

               W  L Pct GB
Vancouver ... 16  7 .696 —
Spokane ..... 15  8 .652 1
Salem ....... 11  9 .550 3½
Tri-City .... 10  9 .528 4
Yakima ....... 9 12 .429 6
Victoria ..... 9 12 .429 6
Tacoma ....... 8 14 .364 7½
Wenatchee .... 8 15 .348 8

KENNEWICK, May 14—If the Tri-City and Vancouver pitching staffs felt a ringing in their ears today there was good reason. Eleven of them paraded to the mound at Sanders Field yesterday and gave up a total of 49 base hits including two home runs, two triples and four doubles. They weren't exactly meager in the runs department either.
Both teams clattered across the plate a total of 42 times in yesterday's doubleheader. The Braves, aided by the brilliant relief pitching chore of Kenny Michelson, won the nlne-inning opener 12-8, while Vancouver used up four Trl-City hurlers in winning the seven-inning nightcap (with the lights on) 12-10.
The 1512 fans saw everything happen. The first game wasn't two innings old before Nick Pesut and Buddy Peterson were oack under the showers. Pesut got the thumb from plate umpire Milt Eiler for protesting a decision at home plate and Peterson was waved to the clubhouse by umpire Nels Pearson when he came in to see what was going on.
Mike Michelson, who grabbed Pesut's tools when he came up with the first unassisted double play of the season. He did it on an infield fly rule ball which dropped in front of the plate scoring one out then Michelson tagged the base runner from third who for some reason thought he was going to score on the play.
Inability to get the ball over the dish hurt the Braves more than anything else. The six hurlers gave up a total of 21 free passes.
Ken Michelson who took over the hill from Augle Zande in the Vancouver second frame of the first game served up a grand slam home run to Dick Sinovic the first batter he faced. But that, decided the young Pasco star, was enough. He held the Capilanos to two hits and one run over the rest of the route to notch his first victory of the season.
The Braves did practically all their scoring in the fifth and sixth innings. In the fifth they plated four and in the following inning they clubbed four more off starter Don Tisernat before he had enough. Bill White [sic], who took over, got the same rough treatment though, being rapped for four straight singles and three runs before he finally got the fire out.
In the second game the Braves were leading 9-3 going into the third before the roof fell in on starter Bob Costello. With the sacks loaded Reno Cheso unloaded a triple, then Cos lost his touch to walk two more. That sent Jim Olsen to the mound.
Alhough he was in trouble in the fourth it didn't get serious for Jim until the fifth when he gave up three singles and three walks. Then Manager Charlie Peterson called Sam Castro from the bullpen. Castro walked Brunswick to score one run but got Ritchey on an infield roller. However, when he passed George Nicholas at the start of the sixth, Petersen called on Dick Stone. Stone finished it up allowing one run in the seventh.
Tuesday night the Braves open a three-game series with Salem, Joe Nicholas (2-0) will start the first game for the Tri-City club, manager Petersen said, with Lou McCollum due to follow on Wednesday or Thursday.
First Game
Vancouver ......... 160 000 100— 8- 8- 2
T.-C. ................ 000 147 00x—12-15-1
Tisnerat, Whyte (6), King (7) and Ritchey; Zande, K. Michelson (2) and M. Michelson.
Second Game
Vancouver ...... 305 030 1—12 12 1
Tri-City .......... 450 100 0—10 14 1
Hernandez, Nicholas (2) and Ritchey; Costello, Olsen (3), Castro (5), Stone (6) and Pesut.

YAKIMA, May 13 — Tacoma and Yakima split their Western International league doubleheader here Sunday afternoon. Tacoma won the opener 4 to 0 on a four-hit pitching job by Guzman Amador.
Yakima took the nightcap 12 to 11 with a ten-run splurge in the seventh. The Bears collected nine walks in the inning, including the winning run.
Merv Dubbers doubled home three runs with the bases loaded to give Tacoma its triumph in the opening game.
First Game
Tacoma .... 000 000 301—4 9 2
Yakima ..... 000 000 000—0 4 0
Amador and Sheets; Del Sarto, Savarese (8) and Tiesiera.
Second Game
Tacoma .... 002 321 3—11 17 0
Takima ..... 000 020 (10)—12 7 3
Knezovich, Clark (4), Goldizen (6), Schulte (7), Theodosis (7) and Watson; Thompson, Anderson (4), Bedford (6) and Tiesiera.

WENATCHEE, May 13—Al Treichel handcuffed the Victoria Athletics with a well-spaced seven-batter and batted in two runs to lead the Wenatchee Chiefs to a 4-2 win over the Canadians in the second game of a day-night Western International
league baseball doubleheader Sunday night.
The Athletics captured the opener, 6-4, in 10 innings. John Marshall won his own
game with a two-run homer.
First Game
Victoria ......... 100 200 010 2—6 10 1
Wenatchee .... 000 102 001 0—4 7 2
Marshall and Martin; Breisinger, Kanshin (9) and Len Neal.
Second Game
Victoria ......... 000 000 101—2 7 0
Wenatchee .... 021 001 00x—4 8 1
Propst and Martin; Treichel and Roberson.

SPOKANE, May 13 — Spokane's Indians drubbed the Salem Senators 12 to 5 Sunday afternoon in a Western International league game which ended at the end of the fifth inning because of rain.
When Jim Holder, Spokane Indian pitcher, tossed 16 successive balls against Salem, an irate fan hollered at Manager Al Strange: "Don't take the kid out, Strange. Let him go for a record." Strange didn't. He pulled the starter in the second inning, when Salem scored three times.
The second game of the scheduled doubleheader was cancelled due to wet grounds.
Salem ........ 030 02— 5 2 0
Spokane .... 402 06—12 13 0
Wilkie, Burak (3), Hemphill (5) and McKeegan; Holder, Roberts (2) and Melchenheimer.

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [May 14/51]
There's an old baseball adage which says something to the effect that more games are lost because of walks than because of hits. And the Brave pitching staff will concur heartily with that if you were to ask them today.
In all three games the Tri-City club got in most of their hot water because of free passes. Lou McCollum's arm suddenly lost it's [sic] snap in the ninth inning Saturday night and he walked two. Before anyone realized what was happening the Braves had lost a ball game.
And it was only masterful hurling by Ken Michelson that kept him out of trouble while he was walking eight in that first Sunday game.
Perhaps this will explain a bit better just what we're driving at. Of the three men on base when Dick Sinovic hit his first round tripper, two of them had been given free tickets to the base paths. And in the second game three of the Caps who were passed, ultimately crossed home plate.
So now there's a little sign in the Braves dressing room notifying all pitchers to report at 11 a.m. in uniform each day until further notice for running exercises. "Maybe an hour or so chasing fly balls across the outfield will take some of the wildness out of their arms," said Charlie Peterson. So there should be plenty of activity this week with pitchers running and a baseball school going on at the same time.
But for zany baseball there was plenty of it Sunday afternoon. Take that double play that Mike Michelson made unassisted for one. With the bases loaded and none out a high fly was lifted up right in front of the plate.
The batter was automatically out because the infield fly rule applied. However, for some reason John Ritchey, the Caps' catcher, who was on third, strolled toward home base.
Michelson, who failed to catch the ball, then just picked it up and quickly tagged Ritchey for the second out. It's, to the best of our knowledge, the first unassisted play recorded by a catcher here.
And here's another example of what we mean by interesting happenings. The Capilanos taking a page from the celebrated Brooklyn Dodgers managed to get two men on third base at the same time. That sort of thing doesn't go. And if you'll scan the picture on this page which shows the end of that particular play note the look on pitcher Gonzales Hernandez' face. He appears to be totally unconcerned about the affair although he turned out to be one who made the mistake and who was actually out on the play.
That's the sort of thing which drives managers to the brink. Billy (the Rooster) Schuster was ready to ladle out a $25 fine for the next bonehead play on his club, he is reported to have said between games. No wonder. When you have two in a row such as we have just mentioned.
To show you another reason why such guys as Schuster suddenly calm clown when they become managers here's an exchange which reportedly took place between he and his pitcher Don Tisernat who lost the first game. Tisernat sent word to the club house that he was going back to Richland and for Schuster to have someone pick him up at the hotel. Schuster fired word back that if the pitcher pulled out it would cost him $25. Back came Tisernat with word that Schuster couldn't do that. . .it wasn't in his contract.
The Braves were without a trainer until yesterday afternoon, but that's changed now we're happy to say. Charlie Petersen who has been trying to track down Jack Boag, and vice versa, finally made connections Saturday in Richland and the Braves signed Boag.
“Doc” as he no doubt will be called, spent the last five years with the Salem baseball team as their trainer. During the winter he has been changing from baseball to hockey, being a former hockey player himself. He has conditoned such hockey teams as the Portland Eagles and the San Francisco Shamrocks the year they won the Southern Division championship. A modest 29, Doc spent 11 years poking a hockey stick across the ice back east and in Canada. He was. born in Winnipeg but now is a citizen of Uncle Sam's.
Artie Wilson has run his consecutive games hitting streak to 10 now. . .it ties the current Brave record held by Clint Cameron and now Artie. . .Rube Navarro is close behind with record of nine games in a row.
Vic Buccola is way out in front in the home runs department with four. . .Wilson is closest with one. . .The big “sweat” in the club house these days is “who's going to be cut.”

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