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Sunday, June 24, 1951

Vancouver ... 46 20 .697 —
Spokane ..... 42 25 .627 4 1/2
Salem ....... 33 33 .500 13
Tri-City .... 31 33 .484 14
Wenatchee ... 31 36 .453 15 1/2
Tacoma ...... 30 37 .443 16 1/2
Victoria .... 26 40 .394 20
Yakima ...... 24 39 .381 20 1/2

KENNEWICK, June 25 [Herald]—Boasting one of their longest winning streaks of the season, four straight over Yakima, the Tri-City Braves invade Canada for a 10-game trip starting tonight.
Lefty Cy Greenlaw will place his 4-6 record on the line tonight when the Tri-City team meets Victoria in the first of five games. Following the A's games the Braves move over to Vancouver to meet the league-leading Capilanos in their new stadium for five more. The team returns home on July 3 to meet Victoria and Wenatchee in successive order.
Bob Costello fired a 5-1 six-hitter at Yakima last night to chalk up his fourth victory of the season against three losses. The victory gave Tri-City a clean sweep of the 4-game series. The fire-balling right-hander blanked the Bears until the fifth when Yakima scored their lone run of game. Bill Andring opened thai inning with a long triple and scored on hurler Teddy Savarese's single.
The Braves scored what proved to be the winning run in the second stanza when they plated the platter twice. Nick Pesut led off with a single and Savarese then issued passes to Charlie Petersen and Bill Edelstein to load the bags. Pesut scored on Costello's fielder's choice while Vic Buccola's single scored Peterson.
Tri-City counted two more in the third on successive singles by Sam Kanelos, Pesut, Petersen and Edelstein with the Brave fleet center fielder getting credit for two runs batted in. Neil Bryant's double following Buccola's single in the eighth scored the other run of the game.
Costello electrified the 1,360 fans attending Family Night by lacing a single in the fifth inning. Although he died on first the blow brought a round of appreciative applause from the stands. The double play combination of Kanelos-Spaeter-Buccola completed three twin killings to take Cos out of what could have been a couple of bad jams.
Yakima ........ 000 010 000—1 6 1
Tri-City ........ 022 000 01x—5 13 2
Savarese and Brenner; Costello and Pesut.

SALEM, Ore. June 24 — Salem and Wenatchee split a doubleheader here Sunday night. In the shortened opener Salem blanked Wenatchee 2 to 0 Wenatehee snapped back in the nightcap for a 4 to 1 win.
First Game
Wenatchee ...... 000 000 0—0 4 1
Salem ............... 001 001 x—2 9 0
Tost and Roberson; De George and McKeegan.
Second Game
Wenatchee ........ 000 100 021—4 9 1
Salem ................ 000 100 000—1 7 2
Raimondi and Neal; McNulty and McKeegan.

TACOMA, June 24 — The Victoria Athletics broke a seven-game losing streak Sunday by taking the second half of a doubleheader over Tacoma 3 to 1 after losing the opener 7to 2.
First Game
Victoria ....... 001 001 000—2 8 1
Tacoma ....... 320 030 00x—7 15 1
Smith and Martin, Clark and Watson.
Second Game
Victoria ...... 012 000 0—3 7 0
Tacoma ...... 000 010 0—1 7 1
Osborn and Martin; Mishasek, Knezovich (8) and Lundberg.

SPOKANE, June 24—Pete Hernandez pitched one-hit ball for Vancouver Sunday night to take the nightcap of a doubleheader with Spokane 3 to I. Spokane won the 14-inning first game 3 to 2.
The Indians ended the four-game series exactly where they started, four and a half games behind the league-leading Capilanos.
First Game
Vancouver ...... 100 010 000 000 00—2 14 3
Spokane .......... 010 010 000 000 01—3 16 2
Gunnarson and Ritchey; Holder and Sheets.
Second Game
Vancouver ........ 011 000 100—3 7 2
Spokane ........... 100 000 000—1 1 3
Hernandez and Ritchey; Bishop, Marshall (9) and Nulty.

Salem Catcher Is Out For Season
SALEM, Ore., June 24 — A leg injury has sidelined Bill Beard, catcher for Salem's Western International league baseball team for the rest of the season.
Beard's right leg was fractured Saturday night when he attempted to block Wenatchee catcher Len Neal in a play at the plate. Neal was not injured.

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [June 25, 1951]
"Interesting," that would seem to be about the best comment on the weekend confab of the Western International league moguls. Perhaps the best point of the whole thing is that Victoria has decided they definitely will finish out the season.
For a while the news from that Canadian city was anything but on the hopeful side. Salem too is in much better shape apparently than most people were led to believe.
It resolves itself down to this. Although attendance was slipping the stories of possible franchise losses were designed more to stimulate the fans than anything else.
One definite fact coming out of the meeting is that the Tacoma franchise will absolutely be sold. That's the word from the parent organization, the San Diego Padres. However, as yet Starr has not placed a price tag on the team.
Even when they are in front of the pack the Tigers have never drawn well at the gate. The reasons vary from too much radio and TV, the nearness of Seattle and Coast League baseball, to the charge of absentee ownership. The rumor is also strong right now that a group of Tacoma businessmen are interested in picking up the club. . .if the price is right. Aberdeen too is reportedly trying to land the team, But if the club hasn't been drawing well at home because of absentee ownership then it is very likely Tacoma's citizens will not permit the franchise to slip away from them.
Attendance throughout the league has slumped much more than we had thought. Bob Abel, president of the loop, said yesterday the overall picture was 50,000 less than last year. Vancouver, Spokane, Salem and Tri-City are up over last season while the other four are down. And splitting 50,000 up among just four teams, some of them must be down in alarming fashion. Wenatchee, for one, is way under their figures of last year. AT THE MAKING POINT
Today the Braves open a 10-game tour of Canada. This could be a big chance for the Tri-City club to push close to the top rung. That is if the pitching staff can stand up under that gruelling grind. The way the "first four have been going lately the outlook is good. Then too the balance of the staff have been getting plenty of rest so they should be ready to go in a relief role without any difficulty.
One unannounced step taken by the league recently the only mention was in that small type in the box scores) was the splitting of the umpire team!?. Only one two-some, Art Jacobs and George Behringer, was left intact.
The others were reasigned with new partners. There have been quite a few squawks thus far about the umpiring in general this year and the only conclusion to be drawn is that Abel took this measure of satisfying the various managers. If true then it's quite a compliment to Jacobs and Behringer.
Marty Krug, who handled the reins at Victoria last year, is back at his old job of scouting for the Phillies. And from what we hear Marty would just as soon he had never left the Phillies job even though it was just brief absence.
Jungle Jim Warner hit his fourteenth circuit blow of the season for Modesto yesterday but they still lost 9-8 to Wimpy Quinn's Bakersfield nine.

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