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Tuesday, July 31, 1951

Spokane ..... 68 37 .648 —
Vancouver ... 69 38 .645 —
Salem ....... 55 50 .524 13
Wenatchee ... 53 51 .510 14½
Victoria .... 46 61 .430 23
Tri-City .... 43 81 .425 23½
Yakima ...... 44 63 .411 25
Tacoma ...... 43 62 .410 25

YAKIMA, July 31—Bob Snyder became the first 20-game winner in the Western International Baseball League Tuesday night as he pitched the Vancouver Capilanos back into a virtual first-place tie with Spokane Indians.
An unearned run in the top of the seventh inning scored Dick Sinovic to give Snyder win No. 20 against five defeats, a classy 1-0 victory over Yakima Bears.
Snyder allowed four hits, walked one and struck out six.
Dick Barrett took the loss.
Veteran Bud Beasley, who combines comedy with talent, won the abbreviated opener 1-0 by spacing his hits.
Beasley was presented with his 1-0 lead in the fourth inning as Ray Tran scored on an out by Chuck Abernathy. He didn’t have too much trouble with the last-place Bears until the seventh inning.
Yakima loaded the bases with nobody out but Beasley got second baseman Al Jacinto to hit into a double play, Beasley to Ritchey to Abernathy.
Bill Brenner came up to pinch-hit, but manager Bill Schuster yanked Beasley in favour of righthander Ron Smith. Brenner immediately sent up Bill Andring to pinch-hit and Smith threw just three pitches as Andring went down swinging to end the game.
The win was Beasley’s fourth against no losses.
Schuster was beaming following the twin victory. “My pitchers,” he explained, “are hitting their stride in this warm weather. Now if my hitters would only hit…”
The Caps wind up the four-game series against Yakima tonight, returning to Capilano Stadium Thursday night to face the Bears in another four games. Carl Gunnarson is scheduled to pitch the opener.
Vancouver .... 000 100 0—1-4-0
Yakima ......... 000 000 0—0-9-0
Beasley, Smith (7) and Ritchey; Powell and Tiesiera.
Vancouver .... 000 000 100—1-5-1
Yakima ......... 000 000 000—0-4-1
Snyder and Ritchey; Barrett and Tiesiera.

WENATCHEE, July 31—The Spokane Indians, in front of second-place Vancouver by two games 48 hours ago, dropped their series opener with the Wenatchee Chiefs, 14-9 on Tuesday night.
Spokane ....... 000 000 063— 9-12-1
Wenatchee ... 011 130 80x—14-17-3
Palm, Wyatt (5), Richardson (8) and Sheets; Tost and Roberson.

TACOMA, July 31—The Salem Senators split with the Tacoma Tigers on Tuesday night. The Solons won the opener, 6-1, on the combined three-hit pitching of Ray McNulty
and Sal De George. The Tigers came back to cop the Vesper games, 1-0, on Gary Clark's two-hitter. The victim was hard-luck Bill Bevens, the former New York Yankee, who gave up only four safeties. The nine-inning game was completed in an hour and nine minutes—a league record.
First Game
Salem ...... 400 002 0—6-9-0
Tacoma ... 000 001 0—1-3-0
McNulty, De George (2) and McKeegan; Dodeward, Mishasek (1) and Watson.
Second Game
Salem ......... 000 000 000—0-2-0
Tacoma ...... 100 000 00x—1-4-2
Bevens and McKeegan; Clark and Watson.

KENNEWICK [Tri-City Herald, Aug. 1]—Manager Charlie Petersen found one sure method to halt a losing streak last night. All he has to do is send out a pitcher that the other team can't beat. He tried the system and found it not wanting when Lou McCollum registered his third victory of the Western International league season over Victoria. The 9-6 decision snapped a six-game losing streak for the Tri-City Braves.
It also snapped a personal losing streak of four games for the lanky right handed veteran as he chalked up his 10th of the year.
Petersen will send submariner Joe Nicholas (4-6) and Jack Brewer (4-8) to the Braves mound for tonight's doubleheader. Bill Sturgeon, Victoria's pilot, named John Tierney (6-11) and Jim Propst (9-8) as his choices.
Tonight's twin bill will also be featured by a trampoline act between the two games. Mark Smith "The Bowery Bouncer" headlines the all-star act.
The A's pecked away at McCollum for four runs over the first five innings as the game got under way at 8:35 p. m. following a fashion show held on the infield.
But the Braves came back strong in the sixth to go ahead 5-4. Buddy Peterson started things rolling with his seventh home run of the season. His blow chased Al Spaeter in from first and brought Peterson's runs hatted in total for the season to 79. Clint Cameron and Neil Bryant followed with doubles.
Then with two out Sam Kanelos rapped a single to score Bryant and came in himself when McCollum rapped a sharp one into left field. The irony of McCollum's single was that pitcher Bill Osborne had purposely passed left hander Bill Edelstein to get at McCollum.
Victoria came back in their seventh with two singles and a triple by Art Thrasher to go ahead 6-5 but it was a short lived lead. Four successive singles by Peterson, Cameron, Bryant and Pesut knocked Osborne from the box and cost reliever Hal Jackson, who moved to the mound from first base, the ball game, as the Braves counted another pair.
Five successive walks, in the eighth, three by Jackson and two by Bill Dunn gave Tri-City two more before a fast double play ended the base walking marathon.
BRAVES BRIEFS: Vic Buccola took McCollum out of a hole in the fifth when he dug Peterson's throw out of the dirt to complete a twin killing and also take Victoria out of the inning.
Nick Pesut and Al Spaeter teamed up on a pair of perfect throws in the seventh to halt a rally by the A's. With runners on first and third Pesut fired to Spaeter as Sturgeon lit out for second. Spaeter took Pesut's throw in front of second and whipped it back to the plate to nail Thrasher trying to score from third.
Buddy Peterson made a beautiful back handed stop of Merv Diercks single in the third. . .Ben Jeffe homered for the A's. Other long blows were Bill Edelstein's fence rattling triple and Thrasher's three-bagger.
Victoria ..... 111 010 200—6-14-1
Tri-City ..... 000 005 22x—9-11-1
Osborn, Jackson (7), Dunn (8) and Thrasher; McCollum and Pesut.

Holder Leads WIL Pitchers
TACOMA, Wash, Aug. 1—Idle for a full month, Spokane's Jim Holder remains out in front in the Western International league pitching race, with a 9-0 won-lost record.
A strong second in games through Sunday, July 29, was Pete Hernandez, Vancouver, with an 11-2 season's performance. Bob Snyder, Vancouver, with a record of 19 wins aginst 5 losses was third (Snyder posted his 20th victory last night.)
Lefthanders continued to dominate in strikeouts. Tom Briesinger, Wenatchee, has whiffed 149 batters, while Tacoma's Bob Schulte and Victoria's Jim Propst have retired 113 and 107 on strikes.
John Marshall of Spokane has issued the most warks with 138.
Holder, Spok ..... 46 72 9 0 1.000
Hernandez, Van ... 45 70 11 2 .846
Snyder, Van ...... 83 69 19 5 .792
Barrett, Vic-Yak . 81 38 6 2 .750
Raimondi, Wen .... 45 58 7 3 .700
Bishop, Spok ..... 48 73 13 6 .684
McNulty, Salem ... 61 53 12 6 .667
Rockey, Spok ..... 51 58 8 4 .667
Tisnerat, Van .... 34 51 6 3 .667
Bevens, Salem .... 93 69 15 8 .652

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [from Aug, 1, 1951]
Of this year's crop of Tri-City Braves only one seems certain to drive in 100 or more runs. Buddy Peterson, who had 77 listed to his credit going into Tuesday's game should turn the trick barring any accidents. There are two other likely prospects in Neil Bryant with 63 and Clint Cameron with 60. Only Vic Buccola with 57 can be considered within striking distance of 100 and Buccola, hitting second most of the season, isn't expected to deliver that kind of a job, Not that he can't, but hitting second behind the slow pitchers and catchers, it's a near impossible task.
However, Cameron and Bryant, hitting fourth and fifth in that order, may pull the job off . . . though it does look a bit doubtful. Currently the pair have been averaging about one RBI for each two games. That rate wouldn't be enough with only 38 games left to play at this point. The one factor in their favor is that both outfielders have been coming along well, in this latter part of the season.
That was a painful story Victoria unfolded for Tri-City fans Monday night. And it was made more so when you realize that it was a couple of players Victoria recently bought to bolster their team who did a great deal of the damage. More specifically we refer to shortstop Jim Clark and right fielder Ben Jeffe. They each drove in two runs, while Clark personally crossed the plate four tunes and Jeffe once. Between them they thus accounted for a total of nine runs, without which the Braves would have won 4-3, instead of losing 12-4.
This long slump for the Braves, two wins out of l5 starts, has produced a lot of questions . . . and answer by the die-hard fans. For our money the best comparison though is to the Salem team of last year. They, you'll recall, started out at the near-top of the league and eventually slumped to the bottom. And for the same reason Tri-City has nose dived . . . inability to find the right players to bolster the team when it became apparent the one on the field wasn't strong enough to stand up with most of the rest of the league.

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