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Saturday, August 18, 1951

W L Pct GB
Spokane ..... 82 42 .661 —
Vancouver ... 80 46 .635 3
Salem ....... 65 69 .524 17
Wenatchee ... 59 65 .476 23
Victoria .... 57 71 .445 27
Tacoma ...... 54 71 .432 28½
Tri-City .... 53 73 .421 29
Yakima ...... 51 74 .408 31½

SPOKANE, Aug. 18—Two big hits in the first inning, a triple by Ken Richardson and a double by Jim Wert resulted in three runs and gave the Spokane Indians a lead they never relinquished in their WIL game with the Tri-City Braves here Saturday night.
Spokane won 8 to 4.
The Indians knocked out Tri-City pitcher Dick Stone in the third inning and continued their assault on Marv Brewer. Stone was the loser.
Spokane centre fielder Eddie Murphy stole the only base of the evening.
Tri-City ....... 200 000 011—4 11 2
Spokane ...... 311 200 10x—8 12 1
Stone, Brewer (3) and Pesut; Palm and Sheets.

VANCOUVER [Keith Matthews, News Herald, Aug. 20]—Vern Kindsfather put the first notch on his gun Saturday night—and he did it just as easily as Buffalo Bill must have in his day.
Young Vernon beat Victoria 4-1 to give the Caps an even break in the Saturday double—the Caps losing the first one 7-3 when Sandy Robertson had one of those nights.
Kindsfather, of course, was the man most of the 5000 people were watching. Vernon allowed 11 hits, and that’s usually flirting with danger all too often. However, the truth of the matter is Victoria never even looked dangerous. They scored their only run of the ball park in the eighth on a base on balls, an advancing infield out and a bloop single.
Apart from that Kindsfather kept ‘em swinging for nothing. He struck out six, walked but one and had one item at his command which most pitchers spend all their lives looking for. It’s called confidence, and with it goes a number of things. Poise on the mound, for instance. Ability to get the ball over the plate, for another. Knowing you are better than the other guy for a third.
The split didn¨t do the Caps’ pennant chances any good, as those rambling Spokane Indians won again in the South. In so doing, they stretched their lead once more, and as each days passes, it is becoming more certain that nobody is going to stop the Spokes unless the Caps do it themselves on the final series of the season.
Robertson, in his fourth losing effort this year, puzzled those who know him in 1950 as a guy they just couldn’t beat.
Sandy was touched for two runs in the second inning and was belted clear out of there in the third on a four-run burst.
Vancouver made one desperate stand to get in the game. They score three in the third and looked like they were about to take the game apart. However, a double play ended it and when Ben Lorino came in to relieve Bill Prior, that was that. Ben had the Caps’ number for sure.
Tonight the Caps open another series against the Wenatchee Chiefs. Bill Schuster—who pinch-hit Saturday and came up with a single—is going to send his young right-hander, Pete Hernandez. Pete has won 13, lost only three. He’s the league’s leading percentage pitcher and the way he’s going of late, it appears he’s going to stay right there.
K. Chorlton will be in the Vancouver lineup tonight, too. K has been in Seattle with the US Navy. He’s a Naval Reserve officer and every once in a while gets a call to report. The youngster will likely go to third base, though Chuck Abernathy is out with an injury and there is an opening at first. Bob McLean played the bag in both games Saturday.
First Game
Victoria ....... 024 010 0—7 11 1
Vancouver ... 003 000 0—3 10 3
Prior, Lorino (4) and Cardinale; Robertson, Barta (3), Tisnerat (7) and Ritchey.
Second Game
Victoria ....... 000 000 010—1 11 1
Vancouver ... 001 200 10x—4 5 0
Tierney, Prior (7) and Cardinale; Kindsfather and Ritchey.

TACOMA, Aug. 18—The Tacoma Tigers blasted the Wenatchee Chiefs Saturday night 16-5 in a wild Western International league baseball game.
The two teams were tied 3-3 when Tacoma came to bat in the fourth and converted it into a track meet. Tigers pushed across seven runs, including Butch Moran's home run with the bases loaded.
Wenatchee ..... 002 102 000—5 14 2
Tacoma ......... 021 706 00x—16 15 0
Kanshin, Arnerich (6) and Lake; Kipp and Lundberg.

YAKIMA, Aug. 18—Kewpie Dick Barrett allowed the Salem Senators one run in the first inning then shut the door the rest of the way to pitch the Yakima Bears to a 3-l victory here Saturday night.
Salem ...... 100 000 000—1 6 1
Yakima ..... 012 000 00x—3 9 1
Schmidt and Dana; Barrett and Tiesiera.

New Attendance Record in Sight for Senators
SALEM, Ore., Aug 18—Professional baseball, an item most folks last spring figured would be absent in Salem following the current Western International League season, is instead definitely here to stay.
A check of up-to-date attendance figures for games played at Waters Field discloses that the Salem Senators have more than held their own at the gate.
Stronng rumors that the local franchise would be moved or junked existed all last winter when the Senators drew only 57,000 for the 1950 season.
But 832 local fans pitched in to buy the franchise from the Portland Coast League team, generated a complete housecleaning from the front office down to the team trainer and went to work to prove that Salem could support professional baseball if given an interesting team to support.
When the Senators return to Waters Field to open a series with Yakima Tuesday night, only 188 fans need pay their way in to swell the attendance total to the 100,000 mark for all games played this season. The total to date for all league games is 92,184 with six games left to play.
And with six special promotional “nights” to accompany the final games, it is a virtual cinch that the final attendance totals will be around 115,000 for all games and 107,000 for league games.The all-time Waters Field attendance record is 102,956 for a single season, that mark having been notched in 1946. if the weather continues to co-operate, this mark is doomed.

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