Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Post-Season Exhibition

Caps ‘Champ’ Musicians, Too
VANCOUVER [Don Carlson, Daily Province, Sept. 6]—Everybody in baseball uniform got their names into the box score at Capilano Stadium’s “Players Appreciation Night” Wednesday, but the favorites of the 1823 paying customers at the Western International League’s 1951 finale were the members of the Caps’ singing quintet.
In a delightful short program of entertainment proceeding the game between the Caps and a pick-up team of Salem and Victoria players—all proceeds going to the players—stars turned out to be mouth-organist Jerry Barta, Carl Gunnarson, K Chorlton, George Nicholas of Vancouver, and Victoria’s ukelele-strumming Bill White.
These musicians brought the house down. Then they and their 26 other associates who eventually got into the box score put on a good ball game for the fans, which the All-Stars won 3-1, holding the Caps to four hits.
Other features of the pre-game entertainment included:
An announcement by Capilanos’ president N.C.K. Wills, that the club will contribute a sizeable cheque to the players’ pool from the league, a bonus which they will receive in compensation for lost returns as a result of cancellation of the post-season playoff.
Victory by Vancouver’s John Ritchey in the catcher’s accuracy throwing contest. He projected two of three throws from the plate right into the target, a washtub on second base.
K Chorlton outsped Salem’s Gene Tanselli and John Kovenz in a 100-yard dash. Jerry Barta, Ronnie Smith, Jim Hedgecock of Victoria, and Bill Schuster finished 1-2-3 in that order in fungo-hitting, a field apparently dominated by pitchers.
Dick Sinovic and Ritchey each won a suit of clothes for tying in the Caps’ 1951 home-run derby. Each hit 7.
It was a good baseball game. There were several great defensive players as the ballplayers hustled to please the crowd.
R.P. Brown, Capilano general manager, eulogized the season for the crowd over the loudspeaker system, declaring “We have a ball club we think is still the best in the league, and a pitcher, Bob Snyder, who, with 27 winds, has more ball games this season than any other pitcher in organized baseball.”
All-Stars ….. 010 002 000—3 11 1
Vancouver … 000 000 100—1 4 1
Hedgecock, DeGeorge (4), Osborn (8) and McKeegan; Tisnerat, Smith (3), Barta (4), McLean (5), Whyte (6), Gunnarson (7), Robertson (8), Sinovic (9) and Ritchey, Cheso (6)

All Stars Fail For Fernandez; Snyder Today
SALEM, Sept. 7—Salem defeated the Western International League all-stars 4-2 in an exhibition ball game here Friday night.
Saturday, Bob Snyder, Vancouver pitcher, with a record of 27 games won, will pitch for the All-Stars. Bill Bevens, 20-game winner, will pitch for Salem.
Stars ….. 010 010 000—2 9 2
Salem … 001 300 00x—4 7 2
Hernandez, Hedgecock (6) and Cheso; DeGeorge and McKeegan.

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